Challenge Accepted: September’s Mini-Adventure at Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery

After a failed Skype date (poor Internet connection on Coen’s end) put me in a not so stellar mood I decided I need to get out and find something that would make me smile. The sun was shining so I decided to find somewhere new to go for my challenge. I was thinking about a Farmer’s Market but by now it was already 3pm so that was out of the question. Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery in Langley popped into my head. Berry season is over but a quick look at their website assured me it would still be worth a trip there.

When I first arrived I saw beautful, bright flowers, still gorgeous in fall.

The entrance to the Wine Tasting area looked very inviting, but I saved that for next time. Today I was here for the market.

Beside the entrance way was a display of pumpkins and other squash. Yum!

And The Porch, where you can order and enjoy food. There is a limited menu right now and they didn’t have any waffles left by the time I arrived so I’ll try those another time. Too bad though because it would have been a lovely day to sit outside.

I was pretty much in Heaven when I walked into the market area and saw the pies directly ahead of me. Pie is my favourite dessert and they appeared to have every pie imaginable. Except Peach Raspberry – and I admit I was a little disappointed. Peach is my all-time favourite but since Krause is a berry farm I chose Raspberry. Sorry Dad, I just couldn’t resist! 

There were also Ice Cream and Berry Perogies which I had never seen before.

There was a little fresh bakery section but there wasn’t much left and they also had some produce. The market area had tons of preserves, food and kitchen and giftware. I’ll be back to check it out again closer to Christmas!

I bought a few things and am curious to see how it all tastes!

All in all it was definitely worth a visit!


Challenge Accepted: June’s Mini-Adventure at Township 7

I’m running out of days in June and next week is busy with it being the last week of school so I thought I better do at least a little something solo today.  I was heading to my brother’s out in Langley and decided I would check out a local winery. For years I’ve seen winery signs on Highway 1 but have never been to any. Today was the day! I spotted a sign just before the Cloverdale exit and ventured on to 176th. I just kept following the wine route signs, not really knowing where I was headed, until one had an arrow! I was headed to 1st R.O.W. Estate Winery Ltd. Or so I thought. After turning into an industrial area I pulled over to google it. It was closed. Upon looking at reviews it seems it isn’t really a winery either; just a storefront. I wasn’t too disappointed that it wasn’t open. I looked at nearby wineries on Google Maps and decided to head to Township 7.

The winery has a small tasting room and a cute patio/picnic area.

I decided not to do a full tasting ($5) however the woman helping me offered smaller tastings of whatever I wanted to try. I tried their Pinot Gris, Rose and 7 Blanc. I’m not a huge wine drinker (I know, it’s kind of weird that I would go to a winery) but I thought all three were quite good. When I do drink wine I usually have Pinot Gris so I decided to buy the Rose today…something a little different for me!

It was a short adventure, but solo nonetheless. I’d never been to a winery by myself before and the woman helping me seemed surprised that I was there on my own. I’m counting it…just in case I don’t have time to do something else this month!

You can check out the Township 7 website at They are also located in Naramata.