Sunshine! Lonsdale Quay & the Coal Harbour Seawall

3pm Sunday afternoon. 28 degrees. What to do? Grab a girlfriend and head into Vancouver!

We took the Skytrain from Moody Centre Station to Waterfront Station then hopped on the Seabus over to Lonsdale Quay.

One of the reasons I like visiting Lonsdale Quay is because it is way less busy than Granville Island. It’s smaller-scale but has a variety of great vendors. You can pick up all kinds of goodies; fresh fish and meat, baked goods, soups. There is something for everyone! The top floor of the market has different shops. Check out for a list of vendors.

Lonsdale Quay also boasts a gorgeous view of Vancouver especially on a clear day.

There are also often beautiful boats docked next to the market. The large yacht usually docked wasn’t there but there were some smaller boats.

I grabbed a London Fog from Bean Around the World Coffees (my all-time favourite London Fog) and Allison got a drink from Starbucks and we hopped on the Seabus back to Waterfront Station.

We decided we would walk by the water. There is a gorgeous view of the North Shore from Canada Place. Nothing beats seeing the snowcapped mountains and shimmering water on a sunny day.

We walked down to Jack Poole Plaza where the Olympic Cauldron is. From there we walked along the Coal Harbour Seawall to Broughton Street before heading back towards Waterfront Station. There is so much to see along the Seawall; sea planes, wildlife, boats.

Vancouver truly is a gorgeous city. We do get our fair share of rain, okay more than our fair share, but it is the rain that keeps everything so beautiful, lush and green!


Portland, OR Day 1

Trying to decide where to go on a mini-vacation wasn’t too hard. Portland is only about a 5 hour drive from home and neither of us has been here. We rolled into our hotel at around 4:30pm and, just our luck, it started to rain! BLAH. After a bit of downtime while checking out maps of downtown Portland and the surrounding areas we decided to head out.

The rain provided me with the chance to visit the #1 place on my list of places to go…Powell’s Books!A bookstore that needs a MAP! That’s my idea of Heaven. Powell’s City of Books covers an entire city block and sells games, stationary, souvenirs and the like in addition to all the glorious new and used books! There is also a coffee bar where you are able to browse through books. If I lived here I would probably spend A LOT of time there. If you haven’t been, visiting Powell’s is a MUST!

Starbucks was across the street and there was no time like the present to purchase the newest addition to my collection! I already have Portland so I added Oregon.

By now we were absolutely starving so it was off to visit #2 on my list…Deschutes Brewery.

We decided to start with the Brewer’s Choice Tasting featuring six different beers. I really only enjoyed two out of six but that’s fairly typical for me as I really only enjoy lighter beers.

After some serious menu deliberation we decided on Steak Frites and Spicy Chicken and Waffle for our entrees. Both were delicious. 

As day 1 came to a close we headed back to our hotel in hopes of better weather for the next couple days!

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