Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

After our tour of Upper Antelope Canyon we headed to Horseshoe bend, which was just about a 15 minute drive away – after a brief stop at McDonald’s for a much needed coffee! Unbeknownst to me, it’s a bit of a hike to get to the bend from the parking lot. Of course, I get into my own head right away, and start to doubt myself. Coen, as always, encouraged me and reminded me we could go as slow as I wanted. Not too far along we saw a man sitting on the side of the trail – great, just what I wanted to see! Fortunately it wasn’t actually that bad. I should probably try to stop worrying about things before I even get started!


It was a beautiful day – warm, but not too hot and the clouds looked so pretty in the sky! It was pretty busy, but we were able to get pictures without a bunch of people standing in the way.


Horseshoe Bend is definitely worth a trip, especially if you’re visiting Antelope Canyon since it’s so close! ❤


Antelope Canyon, Arizona

If Antelope Canyon isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. And I don’t say that lightly. I honestly can’t think of anywhere I’ve been so far that is quite as breathtaking. My pictures really don’t do it justice.


Antelope Canyon is located just east of Page, Arizona and is on Navajo land. Coen and I drove from Sedona, which took us a little over three hours. Some people would say that’s too far for a day trip but I say it’s absolutely worth it. It’s important to know that you must book a tour in order to go into the Canyon. There are a few different tours available, as well as different tour companies. Coen did some research and booked us a 10:30am Upper Canyon Tour with Antelope Slot Canyon Tours by Chief Tsosie.


The tour began with a bumpy ride – definitely go to the washroom before climbing into the back of the truck! When we arrived at the entrance to the Upper Canyon our tour guide, Leonard, introduced himself and told us a bit of information and a few funny jokes and stories while we waited for our turn to enter the canyon. He also gave us a few camera tips!


Upon entering the canyon, I was totally mesmerized. I’d never seen anything quite like it.


The colouring, formation and markings were stunning. I was awestruck. We moved through the canyon fairly slowly, stopping at points of particular interest. Leonard took our camera’s at these points so he could take photos for us from the right angles!

There were several other tours going on at the same time so it was pretty busy at points, but not so busy that it was frustrating. When we got to the other side (not THAT other side – one of Leonard’s jokes) we were treated to Leonard playing his flute!


On our way back through we were asked not to take pictures, but we couldn’t help but sneak a few more when we were stuck behind other groups!


Once the tour as over we hopped back into the truck and they took us back to the tour company’s building. I can’t rave enough about the whole experience. Antelope Canyon is NOT to be missed and I highly recommend booking with Antelope Slot Canyon Tours by Chief Tsosie. I can’t wait to check out the Lower Canyon another time and I would also do the Upper Canyon again. It’s truly breathtaking.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post them and I’ll do my best to answer! ❤

Yaletown & Main Street

It’s May Long Weekend and we’ve finally got some gorgeous weather! My friend, Brook, and I took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the streets of Vancouver yesterday.

We started off in Yaletown before heading down to the water. Beautiful!

Hunger started to kick in and we were looking for a patio to relax on. We recalled walking by a Tacofino earlier and headed there. I had heard great things about Tacofino but had never been. I was NOT disappointed. A fish taco, a soft and crunchy carnita taco and a paloma satisfied my food and beverage needs!  Their website is

We wondered through Yaletown awhile longer and stopped in at the Yaletown Distilling Co. for a vodka tasting. I tasted their mandarin vodka and it was only $2.  Check out

We decided to pop in to Goorin Bros. Hat Shop ( and within seconds one of the girls working asked if we wanted some beer while we were there! What!?! Really!?! Yes please! It turned out they had a little Happy Hour thing going on with beer and entertainment. They have it every Saturday and this week Coldwater Road was featured. You can find their music on Spotify or check out their website:

This store had a ton of cool hats most of which I would say were reasonably priced. And if you’re looking for a feather for your hat, look no further than the feather bar…

At this point we decided to head to Main Street so we hopped back on the Skytrain and got off at Main Street-Science World. We walked up Main and went into a few gift-type stores. We wanted another drink before we headed home and ended up choosing Colony Bar ( It had a cool little bar to sit at outside – great for people watching! I wish I had taken a picture.

Afterwards, we hopped on the #3 Bus down Main to the Skytrain station…my first time on a bus in Vancouver since we hosted the Olympics in 2010, HA! Despite a bit of a sunburn and my first blisters of the season it was an awesome adventure!