Summer’s End

And just like that, summer is almost over.  Where does the time go?  I’ve been in a panic to get things done; it’s not like I’ve had the past eight weeks to do them.  The weather is ridiculously hot; my condo feels like a sauna.  How am I supposed to tackle all my little chores?  It’s like I have no choice but to visit places with A/C; like my massage clinic and Earls (hellooooo, Happy Hour) later this afternoon.

Despite having so much time off it’s always hard to go back to work.  I look forward to seeing last year’s class on the first day.  I love hearing about their summer adventures and sharing mine.  Truth be told, I miss my little nuggets over the summer.  It’s a strange feeling to spend Monday through Friday with them over the school year and then to not see them for two months.

It seems like just yesterday I was leaving my classroom for the summer and now it’s time to go back to set things up for next week.  The anxiety is kicking in…what grade will I be teaching?  Who will be in my class? What is going to be best for all my little learners?  How can I reach each and every one of them? What can I do to ensure they all feel loved?  Should I set my classroom up differently this year?  What should I keep the same?  What should I do differently?  So many questions, so few answers, and some of those questions will remain unanswered until I meet my new students.  It’s virtually impossible to know what I should do until I get a feel for my new kids – their interests, their needs – all that jazz!

So, fellow teachers, try to let go of those anxieties – there is nothing we can do at this point – and enjoy the last week of vacation!f33a217f3c6955931cfc3a000f13bebc



Living in the Moment

Put April, May and June together and what have you got? Aprilmayjune. In no time the school year will come to an end. Stress levels are high. Patience is wearing thin. And all the while, for various reasons, many of us, myself included, are wishing the days away. I often catch myself thinking about the future: summer plans, the next school year, completing my graduate diploma (I’m only one semester in!) But lately, I’ve been working on being more present and have started exploring meditation as you’ll see below.

Oprah & Deepak Hope in Uncertain Times:

A good friend and colleague mentioned a 21-day Meditation Experience that she had done in the past. As luck would have it, a new 21-day program had just started so I downloaded the app. In the past I was super skeptical of meditation. Afterall, I was the person who had to stifle laughter the first few times I went to yoga when I was expected to sit there silently.  Anyway, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Each day there is a new centering thought, Sanskrit mantra and message.

Oprah and Deepak speak about the daily topic and then the meditation begins. I was presently surprised to find it so relaxing. I was able, if only for a short period of time, to take my mind off of work and life stresses. I admit I’m a few days behind but it’s something I believe I will continue with.

Visit for more info!

Guided Meditation at Kushala Yoga:

Another good friend and colleague mentioned Guided Meditation by donation at a local yoga studio so a few of us decided to check it out. I’ve been twice and both weeks were different. The first week included a 30 minute meditation…yikes! I didn’t think I would be able to do it for that long but I surprised myself. It really didn’t seem like that long. The second week was different; we did concentration exercises (counting breaths) and a 10 minute meditation. Both were great and this has become part of my Thursday night.

You can find info about the studio here:

I think meditation helps me to remember to live in the moment. To focus on what’s happening in the present. Today is a gift. I need to let go of my current worries and anxieties about the future. I shouldn’t be counting the minutes until the end of the day or counting the days until summer. Life is precious. Live every day like it’s your last; one day it will be.