Day 4: Gratitude Challenge

Home sick again today…as my grandma would say, “BOR-ING!” So, here goes Day 4 of my challenge…

Write about a happy memory.

In 2008, there was one thing I wanted and one thing only – to go to Trevor Linden Night. He had been my favourite hockey player for as long as I could remember. He may have initially been my favourite because I thought he was cute. Okay okay, that’s absolutely why. And if you read my post about my celebrity crushes you’ll see that he’s still #1!

I wanted to be there so badly to see #16 retired but the game was sold out. I scoured Craiglist ads for days, hoping that a decently priced ticket would appear. It didn’t. I just couldn’t justify spending over $500 for one night. And if I didn’t want to go alone? $1000. I couldn’t. Although I was horribly disappointed, I accepted that I would have to watch it on TV and tried to forget about it. Not exactly a happy memory, is it? I promise it’s coming…

Then came my 26th birthday. I opened all my gifts from my parents and my boyfriend at the time. I was spoiled, as usual, and as I thanked them my Dad told me he had one more. I opened the gift, took one look and burst into tears. And when I say this, I actually mean full on sobbing. I could NOT contain my excitement and happiness. This was the best gift EVER! My dad had saved the day!

On December 17th, 2008, I donned the jersey I had asked for for my 21st birthday. Trevor had signed it a few years (yes, years) later.

The night was magical. It was emotional. It was amazing.

I absolutely shed tears as they raised his banner to the rafters beside Stan Smyl’s.

What started out as a disappointment turned out to be one of my happiest memories! Thanks again, Dad!💜


Day 1: 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

A little while back I completed a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I’ve been keeping an eye put for another one and I just came across a Gratitude Challenge on Pinterest.

Just last week I was having a conversation about gratitude with my friend (and amazing RMT) Susanna so this one seems especially fitting.

Day 1: What’s something that you’re looking forward to?

That one is easy. My Alaskan cruise! My aunt and I are doing a 7-day cruise from Vancouver to Whittier then staying on the ship for the 7-day cruise back to Vancouver. We did the same back in 2012 but on a different ship. We had a great time and I know this time will be just a awesome!

I’m looking forward to starting the summer off with a little relaxation, gorgeous scenery and indulging in delicious food! I’ve decided I need to make sure I’m getting some extra exercise in over the two weeks – I don’t want to ruin all my hard work from the last little while and up until the cruise.

This is my 3rd Alaskan cruise but if anyone has any recommendations for Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Whittier please comment! 💜

Remembering Vancouver 2010

It’s Olympic time again and I can’t help but think back on Vancouver 2010 – it was such an incredible experience!

The Torch Relay came through PoCo and I was able to attend before work! What a neat experience.

I also had a chance to hold one of the torches during a different event.

Since I volunteered at the Paralympics I got free tickets to the dress rehearsal of the Opening Ceremonies. Obviously it wasn’t great as the real thing, but still awesome!

I got to attend Men’s Short Track Speed Skating with my mom. It was my first time seeing it live – so exciting!

I figured skated when I was growing up and being able to see a live Olympic event was a dream come true. My mom and I saw the Men’s Short Program.

I was super lucky to get to go to three hockey games! Kyla came from Kelowna and we went to Sweden vs. Germany.

I saw Canada vs. Switzerland with my our (kinda but not really) cousins from California. They had an extra ticket that I bought off them. Totally worth it to see Team Canada!

That same day I also saw Slovakia vs. Russia with my brother. He flew in from school in New York and it was awesome sharing the experience with him! My dad was around as well – he had been volunteering that day!

My mom and I also went to the Closing Ceremonies. We were on a total high after watching Canada win Hockey GOLD outside Alberta House.

I’ve yet to experience anything like the atmosphere of Vancouver 2010 and I don’t expect I ever will. That is unless we host again (fingers crossed.) The Olympics bring nations together and being amidst the action makes it just that much more magical.

Good luck to all the athletes representing Canada in Pyeongchang!❤

Post-Christmas in Vancouver

Christmas snuck up on me very quickly this year. Report card frenzy and university assignments took over earlier in the month and it was followed by the Christmas excitement at school. I worked right up until December 22nd this year which didn’t leave much time to explore anything Christmas related in Vancouver before the big day! 

Yesterday I decided I would head downtown to Christmas at Canada Place. I was so excited when I saw this was happening…only to find out it was the 30th year! How in the world had I been oblivious to it all these years? It was a beautiful evening and I thoroughly enjoyed all the lights and decor.

Avenue of Christmas Trees:

Woodward’s Windows:

Fun Fact: In 1993 Canada Place bought all the Christmas window displays from Woodwards when the store closed!

Canada’s North Light Display:

Afterwards I walked to the Four Seasons to look at the Festival of Trees. I only looked at the trees in the first floor lobby but they were quite impressive.

I also had a look at the 76-ft tree outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

It really was an enjoyable day! I already can’t wait until next year. I was one day late to see the Gingerbread Houses at the Hyatt so I’ll have to make sure I see those next year. I’ve seen them several times before and I’m always impressed!

Merry Belated Christmas everyone!❤

Nature Commitment II

Back in October I posted about my Nature Committment for my Holistic Teaching and Learning class. The semester is coming to an end so I thought I would share the rest of my photos.  I enjoyed paying attention to my surroundings. I was able to find the beauty that surrounds me daily, the beauty that I would normally not notice. My last class may be on Wednesday but that doesn’t mean I need to stop.

    Slow Down. Pay Attention. Appreciate Your Surroundings. Beauty Is Everywhere.

    Vancouver: After the Rain

    Yesterday I spent my day at the PSA Superconference in downtown Vancouver. It rained throughout the morning but the fall colours were still stunning.

    Afterwards I went for dinner with friends (also teachers) at Steamworks then walked to Main Street-Science World Station. It had turned into a beautiful night. I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos and I thought I would share them with you! ❤

    Miranda Lambert: Highway Vagabond Tour ❤

    Girl crush, you ask? Yeah, I think I’ve got one. 

    I remember being mad years ago when this blonde singer from Texas kept winning all the country music awards! My favourite artists were losing to someone I had never even heard of. Fast-forward a few years and I finally discovered why Miranda Lambert was winning all these awards. She quickly became one of my favourite singers and since then I’ve been waiting for a chance to see her in concert. That finally happened in Vancouver last night!

    Ticket sales were poor, maybe because Coldplay was across the way at BC Place or maybe Miranda just isn’t as popular here as I thought. As a result I got a ticket upgrade! Instead of being in the upper bowl, my friend and I were now seated in row 6 in the section closest to the stage. What a view!

    Miranda began the show with Fastest Girl in town to get the crowd pumped up. She followed with a great variety of new songs and old. She ended with an emotional acoustic performance of Tin Man followed by cover of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For where she was joined by Gwen Sebastian and a guy whose name I can’t remember at all! Oops.

    I had the best time with my friend, Allison, and sang along to almost every song. I know I’ll be Miranda-obsessed for the next little while and I’m already trying to learn a couple new songs to sing at band next week. I already do Mama’s Broken Heart and Over You, but there is always room for more. As I told my friend, Darryl, who is also in the band (and I have the privilige of singing duets with)…When I Grow-Up I want to be Miranda Lambert!