I’m So Excited

Today’s topic for the 30-Day Writing Challenge is something I’m excited about. The truth is there isn’t really anything…yet.

I know as 2018 goes on I’ll find plenty to be excited about but right now there is nothing specific. I guess you could say I’m excited for what 2018 might bring. I’m mostly looking forward to any adventures that come my way. I hope to do some travelling and to explore new and familiar places, hopefully with Coen and my family. Maybe I’ll have the chance to visit one of the places I listed in my Day 5 post, 5 Places I Want to Visit.❤



Day 12’s topic for the 30-day Writing Challenge is to write about 5 blessings I have in my life.  In no particular order…

Family: I wouldn’t be where I am without my family.  I’m grateful that I have both immediate and extended family who have always encouraged and supported me. I’m still spoiled and appreciate it every day (even if my parents don’t think I do!) Who else would leave work to rescue you when your windshield wiper blows right off your car while you’re driving down the highway? Thanks Dad! Or check in with phone calls and text messages when you’re sick even though you’re 35? Thanks Mom! My parents really are the best.❤

Friends: I still have close friends from high school and I’ve met new friends since – in university and through teaching. Many of these friends are more like family. I can’t imagine my life without these people!❤

Coen: He’s 7600km away yet he is always there for me. He supports me, encourages me and believes in me. My life hasn’t been the same since we met. He brings excitement and adventure to my life!❤

Ben: My little nephew is amazing. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him and playing our version of hide and seek is my favourite! I love watching him grow and discover new things.❤

My Students: When they ask me if I have kids, I say, “Yes, I have 22.”  Some look at me with puzzled expressions and wait for me to explain.  They make me laugh (and sometimes cry haha), they challenge me and they’re always full of surprises. Whenever a little hand of my most challenging students unexpectedly slips into mine, I can’t help but smile, hold back the tears and remember this is why I do the job I do.❤

What If…?

What if…? Geez, there are thousands of things I could think this about. Each choice we make impacts the path our lives take. Day 11 of the 30-day Writing Challenge asks me to write about one of these things I wonder “what if” about.

What if I hadn’t responded to Coen’s message simply because he lived so far away? Would we have crossed paths some other time? Some other place? I wonder. What if I didn’t decide to take a chance and travel to meet him just to see if something was there? Would we have decided to meet at a later date? Would we have stopped talking? I wonder. 

What do you wonder “what if” about?

There is really no sense in focusing on the what ifs. It is what it is. Everyone makes decisions based on where they are at at the time. We can’t change the past, but we can live in the present and embrace the future.❤

Everyone Has a Story

I admit day 10 has thrown me for a bit of loop. I’m supposed to write about something I feel strongly about. There are many things I believe but I struggled to think of something I felt was worth writing about. It actually came to me while I was reading an article for my class tomorrow night.


It’s as simple as that. 

People, including myself, are often quick to judge. But the reality is we don’t know why the person is the way they are or why they behaved they way they did. Each individual is a product of thousands of experiences throughout their life. Experiences we are often not privy to. Experiences that may help us understand their behaviours…if we only knew.

If we only knew, maybe we could understand. Or at least begin to.  The next time you start to judge someone I urge you to stop yourself.  Try to understand. Show compassion.

Ross Greene believes kids do well when they can. I would argue people do well when they can. ❤

Words of Wisdom

Post some words of wisdom that speak to you. As someone who is ridiculously obsessed with quotes, surely a look at my Pinterest account should provide me with these words of wisdom!

AHA! I knew Pinterest would save the day!

In a world where society essentially dictates what is “beautiful” and bodyshaming is highly prevalent, it’s quotes like this one that put things into perspective for me.  Am I overweight? Sure am. That’s obvious to the naked eye. But does my weight define who I am? Absolutely not.  I am so much more than a number on a scale or the size on a label.  Are my shape and size really the most important things about me? They sure as Hell aren’t. There a whole lot of things that are a lot worse than being a “fat” girl.

Remember…there is

So be body positive.

 Embrace your body, skinny or fat, short or tall. Accept yourself. And most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. It’s not easy but you can get there. I did. ❤


Today’s writing topic for the 30-day Challenge is a little different…and a little more challenging. Something I struggle with. Yikes. I definitely struggle, we all do. I suspect anyone who says they don’t is probably lying or they haven’t thought much about it. 

The difficult part is sharing it with others.  That’s something I struggle with. It’s hard for me to be vulnerable. Some people view vulnerability as a weakness; I view it as a strength. I wish opening up about how I’m feeling came easier. It takes time and a lot of trust for me to open up to someone. I don’t know where it stems from but it’s part of who I am. I used to think I had poor communication skills but as I’ve gotten to know myself better it’s more that I struggle with being vulnerable. When I’m comfortable enough to tell someone how I truly feel I have no problem communicating.

I’m fortunate to have built strong relationships with several people in my life over the years. I have my family and some amazing friends that I can open up to.  I’ve come to the realization that I’ll never show my vulnerability with everyone I cross paths with and that’s okay.  Some people are easier for me to bare my soul to than others, even if we are friends. It doesn’t mean I love them any less.

What do you struggle with?❤

10 Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Today is day 7 of the challenge and I’m supposed to list 10 songs I’m loving right now. 

Click on the song to take you to the YouTube video.

1. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

2. Greatest Love Story – Lanco

3. Female – Keith Urban

4. Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith

5. One Foot – Walk the Moon

6. Thunder – Imagine Dragons

7. Beautiful Trauma – P!nk

8. Love So Soft – Kelly Clarkson

9. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/Stand By Me – The Light Parade

10. In Case You Didn’t Know – Brett Young

I would love to hear any recommendations you have! ❤