Be Healthy!

Well, I’m home sick today…it’s awfully difficult to teach when you don’t really have a voice. Fingers crossed I won’t lose it completely, although I do have a history of that happening.

Being home allows me to get my challenge done earlier. Today I’m supposed to write about an area in my life that I would like to improve. I’m a major work in progress in sooooo many ways. It’s hard to pick just one to write about.

I want to improve my health, especially my eating. I’m an emotional eater so I’m trying to get a handle on that. I’m using the My Fitness Pal app. I don’t really like counting calories but it keeps me in check. It also helps me see that even if I endulge I can usually still stay within my calorie maximum if I make smart choices the rest of the day. Coen, the amazingly supportive guy that he is, has jumped on board and is tracking his food intake as well – just so he can support me!

Do I have bad days? Absolutely. There have been a few days when I’ve been WAY over my calorie limit. But instead of throwing in the towel, this time I’m getting back on track pretty much right away. I don’t beat myself up about it. Life happens.

I eat pretty well during the week. Weekends are more of a struggle but I’m enjoying finding new recipes. My new favorite website is Skinny Taste. It’s full of all kinds of amazing recipes and I love being able to search by main ingredient. A few of my favourites:

Sloppy Joe Sweet Potatoes

Crock Pot Picadillo

Healthy Cookies

Seriously though, check it out!❤


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