BC Curriculum Content Planning Toolkit

I’ll be checking this out for next year!


Hey fellow teacher friends (and/or non-teachers with a weird interest in the BC curriculum), I have no idea if you will get any use out of this, but I thought I’d share it in case you do. It cut my report card writing time IN HALF and seriously helped with my planning.

I’ve taken the new curriculum (K-3 only) content section and (painstakingly) typed it out (including all of the points that expand) and put it into a toolkit that essentially you can copy and paste your desired points RIGHT into your report cards.

Check it out, I even added a term 1/2/3 checklist so you can plan your year. (More info on what I’ve done is in the first page of the document.)

This doesn’t include Curricular Competencies or Big Ideas.  The pdf version has comments that can be copy+pasted right into MyEducation BC.  Feel free to download and share…

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One thought on “BC Curriculum Content Planning Toolkit

  1. I am new this page and love the articles and publications. Thank you for the new toolkit for the bc curriculum. Thanks also for reminding me why I not only became a teacher but followed that up with a master’s in counselling. Not only use thes3 skills in my private practice but daily in my own classroom..😊


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