Charming Small Town Washington

We really wanted to see Mount Rainier but didn’t want to actually go into Mount Rainier National Park this time so after some research we discovered Crystal Mountain. The resort has a Gondola and a restaurant at the top of the mountain which offers views of Mount Rainier…perfect! Or so we thought. We followed directions from an offline Google Map and found this:

The route Google had us take had us travelling via the Chinook Pass, which is closed during the winter. We decided to head to our hotel in Kent which took us through some cute towns we had never heard of.

Our first stop was Packwood. Here we found The Mountain Goat. If I lived in a small town I would be a frequent visitor of a place like this. Actually, maybe I would own  it!

Next stop…Elbe! We vistited the gift shop for the nearby Mount Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum and saw the Elbe Evangelical Lutheran Church which is on the National Register of Historical Places.

Our next stop was a viewpoint in Eatonville where we got to see Mount Rainier! There was quite a bit of cloud cover so we couldn’t see the top but it was amazing nonetheless.

After catching this incredible view we continued on to Kent.


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