What’s Your Superpower?

I would hazard a guess that when most people think of what a superpower is they think of things like invisibility, the ability to fly, super strength, etc. – the superpowers we usually attribute to the superheroes we see in comics and movies.  But what about the extraordinary “skills” that we all possess in the real world? Can those be our very own superpowers?

This afternoon I was chatting in the staff room with a group of friends and we started talking about superpowers (this wasn’t the first time.)  One suggested this could be my next blog post, so here it is!

My superpower:
– The ability to start crying the second I see someone else tear up (I call it sympathetic crying)

My friends’ superpowers:
– The ability to retrieve and recite song lyrics for any occasion
– The ability to spout out a quote at any given time, whether it be from a play or a movie or something with deep meaning
– In his exact words: “I have a really odd superpower.  I have multiple powers (including speed, smell, intelligence, creativity, and charm), BUT I have no choice on which one, when it comes, or how long it lasts.  More frustrating really.”
– Staying positive even in the most difficult of times

I figure I’ll add to this list…I have a feeling it’s a topic we’ll revisit at some point.   And I’m thinking I’ll do an activity with my class of grade 2’s and 3’s about it.  I wonder what they think their superpowers are!

What’s YOUR superpower!?!